"We are absolutely loving the house! We hate to go anywhere. We just feel so at home. Thanks again for everything...Scott and his construction team have gone above and beyond and we appreciate all you have done."
-Laurie and Bruce Murphy

Green Building by a Certified Green Builder

Green Building is made up of three main components:

Energy Use costs money. A typical Green Built home will be 30% more efficient than a home built to the Michigan Energy Code. This is accomplished by combining many studied and proven materials and installation techniques, as well as incorporation of Energy Star compliant appliances.

Impact on the Environment is addressed by understanding that natural resources are limited. We apply this ideology to Green Building by using recycled products, using lumber harvested from sustainable, managed forests, employing resource efficient design and building practices, and reducing waste and water usage.

Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality is a growing concern as it is estimated that 40% of children born today will develop respiratory disease due in part to chemicals in their homes. Green Building helps reduce this problem by using products that reduce the release of "off-gas chemicals" into the air, apply design details that keep mold from growing, proper location of sealed ductwork systems that do not contaminate the air, and installation of air exchange systems that bring in fresh air and exhaust stale air thereby reducing energy loss.

By applying the above and other environmentally friendly applications in home building, DesignCraft Homes is building for a cleaner future for generations to follow. Our work can be green certified through the Home Energy Rating System (HERS).